You are welcome to visit our warehouse

Valhaloutdoor.com is founded in 2014 and our first serie of products are the dutch ovens for open fire cooking. Brian Hyldborg and Jacob Andersen are the owners behind Valhal Outdoor. Outdoor cooking on open fire, in wood fired ovens and in food smokers is our passion and from that comes also the passion for cooking in dutch ovens. A dutch oven with dutch oven in fall is something to look forward to and it´s fun to experiment with bigger and bigger breads baked in the dutch ovens. Valhal Outdoor was situated in Tommerup outside Odense in Denmark.

In 2019 ValhalOutdoor.com was bought by Martijn Kramer from Holland. Martijn Kramer is an internet entrepreneur and passionate outdoor lover. In mid-May 2019, Valhal Outdoor will present a more extensive range of Dutch Ovens, cast iron pans and outdoor cooking gear on the European market. The Viking ship led by Martijn Kramer has set a new course and will continue to spread this Viking figurehead among Dutch Ovens and cast iron cooking gear across Europe.

With special thanks to Brian Hyldborg and Jacob Andersen for this opportunity and the confidence to expand the beautiful brand Valhal Outdoor.

Valhal Outdoor is situated at Skagerrak 8B, 9723 JR Groningen, Holland and you are welcome to visit our headquarters.

Best regards

Martijn Kramer