As an ode to outdoor cooking, the Valhal Outdoor adventure begins in 2014 in Denmark, the land of the Vikings. With the aim of merging the fun, versatility and convenience of outdoor cooking, a series of Dutch Ovens and related articles were born.

Since 2018, the Netherlands has officially been the home of Valhal Outdoor. Because the Dutch Ovens owe their name to the Dutch pioneers who brought them to America, mooring the Valhal Outdoor ship in the Netherlands feels like bringing the Dutch Oven back to its origins.

A real Viking doesn’t stay at the same place for long, doesn’t stand still. The Valhal Outdoor adventure has not stopped at the mooring in the home port, it really starts now. To make everyone feel the same passion for outdoor cooking and living as we do, we are expanding the line. A more complete and versatile Viking.

Surprising articles to make outdoor cooking more fun, versatile and easy, with a clear focus on quality in the chosen materials and product design


By never compromising on quality and always choosing materials that are durable in use, Valhal Outdoor articles can be passed on from generation to generation. The passion for cooking or outdoor cooking can be passed on from generation to generation together with the Valhal Outdoor articles. In this way we hope to contribute to connecting people. A natural consequence of a pan that lasts for several generations is the reduction of waste and in this way we want to contribute to a healthier planet for all future generations.