Valhal Outdoor cast iron cookware are lifetime lasting products for BBQ and open fire cooking. The cast iron material are ideal for cooking in a glowing fire and the products get even more beautiful during years of use. The traditional Dutch oven is a cast iron cooking pot with lid and 3 legs. The name is said to come from the Dutch merchant who imported it to the United States. With the Dutch oven the Dutch immigrants could enjoy the Dutch traditional cuisine far from home and during the years the Dutch ovens became very popular for traveling across the United States, because it can be used for both cooking and baking.

Valhal Outdoor is sold throughout Europe. The Valhal Outdoor dealers in Europe are entrepreneurs of quality products and lovers of cooking and outdoor living. Our customers are people who love outdoor cooking and make beautiful dishes using Valhal Outdoor cast iron pans. In 2019 we started expanding our range. The logo has also been updated and every Valhal Outdoor product is packed in a beautiful box. This way, lovers of Valhal Outdoor can prepare all kinds of beautiful dishes in cast iron pans and frying pans.

The Valhal Outdoor brand stands for quality. Food is best served by the perfect cooking properties of cast iron. Thanks to the optimum heat distribution you can bake the most beautiful breads, grill steak or prepare delicious stews. You can do this in your own garden with friends, on vacation or head out of the natural and cook delicious dishes on an open fire and enjoy.


Oval dutch oven

The Valhal outdoor Dutch Oven series comes in these different sizes: 3, 5, 8, 13.5 and 18 litres with legs and sizes 6,1 and 8 Litres whitout legs. Further more there is a 9 litre oval dutch oven with no legs and it´s also nice for cooking in ovens and on the gasfired stove. We also have a cast iron skillet, stack grill and a several other products. Check our products page.


Cooking with cast iron

The cast iron cookware can stand high temperature and is perfect for even temperatures on the cooking surfaces. All You can cook in an ordinary kitchen you can cook in your dutch oven from Valhal Outdoor – even  the meals you prepare in your oven or crock pot, you can cook in a dutch oven. Whether you want a meal of chicken and rice, pot roast and potatoes, chili, or even bread and cakes, you can make it in a Dutch Oven at the camp fire.


Dutch ovens can be used for cooking and baking


Take care of your Dutch Oven

The cookware is pretreated with soybean oil and to ensure the best cooking surface please heat the products over the fire and apply plenty of food oil before the first use. Please also apply more food oil before storage in a dry place. When stored and handled correctly, the cookware will last forever. Remember the cast iron is pure iron and therefore it can rust but you have the benefit that no layer of paint, teflon or other coating can come of the surface. Don´t panic if you get some rust on your cast iron as it can be restored using a metal brush and then again plenty of food oil.