The Valhal Outdoor outdoor cooking gear are lifetime lasting products. Our range consists of cast iron cookware and matching accessories perfect for barbecuing or open fire cooking. The Valhal Outdoor brand stands for quality. We always make sure to focus on the quality of the cosen materials and on our product design. Cast iron is ideal for cooking in a glowing fire and the products get even more beautiful during years of use. Food is best served by the perfect cooking properties of cast iron. Thanks to the optimum heat distribution you can bake the most beautiful breads, grill a steak or prepare delicious stews. You can do this in your own garden with friends, on a campsite during your vacation or while you’re out in the nature.


Valhal Outdoor is sold throughout Europe. The Valhal Outdoor dealers are entrepreneurs who excel in knowledge of outdoor cooking and living. Just like us and just like you, they are true outdoor enthusiasts. When we realized that we were in this unique position, so many outdoor enthusiasts together, we were extra motivated to bring even more great outdoor cooking gear.

This is why in 2019 we started to expand our range of products. Our goal is to bring you a complete range of outdoor cooking gear to make outdoor cooking even more fun, versatile and easy. By offering the right equipment we want to offer everyone, experienced and inexperienced, the best cooking experience.


Cooking is so much more fun if you can share it. Share it with people you love or share it with people that share the same passion. By sharing our passion we hope to inspire and show that outdoor cooking is fun and easy.

But as much as we love to inspire and spread our enthusiasm for outdoor cooking via our social accounts, we love being inspired even more. Therefor we’d love to receive your recipes or pictures and story’s of outdoor cooking.

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So come on, start cooking and share the magic.