The adventure

As an ode to outdoor cooking, the Valhal Outdoor adventure began in 2014 in Denmark, the land of the Vikings. With an eye on fun and love for outdoor cooking, a series of Dutch ovens and related articles was born.

Since 2018, the Netherlands is officially the home of Valhal Outdoor. Because the origin of the Dutch Oven name has a Dutch edge, docking the Valhal Outdoor ship in the Netherlands feels like bringing the Dutch Oven home.

A true Viking does not stay in one place for long, does not stand still. Neither do we. The Valhal Outdoor adventure has not stopped at mooring in the home port, it has only begun. To share our passion for outdoor cooking and living, we are always expanding our product line. A more complete and versatile Viking, always discovering.


Focus on quaility

Surprising articles to make outdoor cooking more fun, versatile and easy, with a clear focus on quality in the chosen materials and product design.

Cast iron products


By choosing materials that are durable in use and never compromising on quality, Valhal Outdoor articles can be passed on from generation to generation. We hope to contribute to waste reduction and a healthier planet for all generations to come.

Besides Valhal Outdoor products, the passion for cooking can also be passed on from generation to generation and by sharing we can connect. Connecting people, contributing to a connection or a memory, is a mission in itself for us.

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Why choose Valhal Outdoor?

Cooking, and especially outdoor cooking, should be done with pleasure and passion. A good meal brings people together and a good meal starts with the preparation. Did you enjoy preparing it? You will always taste this in the food you eventually serve. At Valhal Outdoor, we love (outdoor) cooking and we want to share this passion with the world. Our products are released with care, because we have experience in outdoor cooking and want to make it more fun and easy for everyone.

Why choose cast iron?

Cast iron pans have many advantages. They are very durable and, if properly maintained and used, can last a lifetime. An all cast iron pan is also multi-purpose. It can handle very high temperatures, so you can use it on your cooker and in your oven, but also on your barbecue or on an open fire. Cast iron without an enamel layer is suitable for any heat source. Because of its properties, you can use a cast iron pan for both high heat cooking and low and slow cooking. These are all fine qualities, of course, but the most important thing is that a cast iron pan does not have a non-stick coating that contains all sorts of toxic substances. You create the non-stick coating yourself during each use. A cast iron pan does require a little more care and maintenance than an "ordinary" pan, but it's well worth it because of all the advantages it offers.

Why outdoor cooking?

Yes, all dishes that can be prepared outside can, in principle, also be prepared inside. So why cook outside? Because it is cosy, because it is an experience, because your dishes get a taste that you cannot get inside on your cooker. There is a reason why cooking outside is becoming increasingly popular. It is often a social happening, but you can also cook/grill dinner or lunch outside for just yourself or your family. Of course, you don't have to do this every day, but it is a fun way to keep it varied.