Recipes and tips

Grilled Curry Sausage with Sauerkraut on a Roll and home-made Curry Sauce

The classic curry sausage topped with a tasty homemade spicy curry sauce.

Baked feta pasta from

Flavourful feta, juicy tomatoes and a delicious herb cream sauce... the combination that will make you instantly hungry.

Tomahawk Philly cheesesteak sandwich

The classic with a twist, a delicious tomahawk twist.

BBQ nachos with chicken pieces

The Ultimate Comfort Food for your Barbecue Party, actually for any party

Viking Prawns with Spicy Whiskey Sauce from De Fik Erin

Large prawns with a spicy sauce that will make your taste buds dance

Baked beans by Bushkitchen's Harm-Jan Bloem

Easy to make with a high comfort level

Beefhammer stew from De Fik Erin

Absolutely worthwhile!

Home-made red curry with chicken or prawns

Mildly spicy, yet super rich and full of flavour!

Valhal Outdoor's Indonesian Rendang (Can also be vegan)

A traditional family recipe, with a few personal touches

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

This one can go at any time, as an appetiser, as a main course Always

Shaksuka in a skillet with sausage or without

A rich and flavoursome dish

Pizza prepared in a skillet on the BBQ

Quickly make the tastiest pizza yourself

cheese fondue in a skillet

The possibilities are endless, delicious with meat and without!

Meatloaf wrapped with bacon

Widely known! Classic, simple and tasteful.

chicken thighs in a mushroom cream sauce with cheese

Tender chicken pieces in a rich and creamy sauce, easy and quick!

Beer can chicken on a chickensitter

Tasty and juicy with a crispy skin

Quesadillas with steak

Comfort food as a main course or snack to share

Mussels prepared in a Dutch Oven

Light and flavourful, perfect for a summer day

Barbecue Spare Ribs by the 3-2-1 method

Spare ribs that prove that with time and attention, everything really does get better.

Fricakandells burnt ends

Super snack with a nod to pork belly burnt ends!

Tex Mex chicken

Tex mex chicken prepared in a Dutch Oven on an open fire. Are you ready for this delicious Tex mex?

Spicy hoisin chicken thighs

Be surprised by the spicy chicken pieces with an Asian edge. A rich flavour profile that you can still have on the table relatively quickly.

Braised beef with brown beer

For when the days get darker and you want to feel more warmth from within. This is the perfect stew for those moments.

Garlic shrimps

The classic, great smelling and tasting garlic shrimp. Delicious as a main course with good side dishes, but also perfect as a snack or tapas dish.